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Today was my second visit as a new patient, after switching from another local practice I was unhappy with. I am THRILLED with what I’ve experienced so far, and am looking forward to being a patient here (hopefully) for years to come.

The level of professionalism here has been apparent from the time I walk in the door. The ladies who work the front desk and handle the billing with my insurance and my necessary copays for whatever services I’m receiving at the time are ON it from the get-go, and are very efficient at what they do; while providing a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere that makes you feel like they actually appreciate you being there.

My first experience with initial consultation, and my first cleaning went better than I expected–the hygienist was knowledgeable, accommodating and reassuring through her confidence in what she was doing. In talking with her a little bit, I found out she’d be with this same company for ten years –which is refreshing to see–since I came from a previous practice that couldn’t keep help for more than a year.

The Dentist was pleasant, explained her philosophies of general care to me, and then outlined what I could expect going forward as I sought additional services. During my second visit–which was handled by another technician just as capable as the first–she even looked in on me again to see how things were going and chat with me for a moment. I got the feeling everyone there was involved with everything going on and the level of teamwork at play in that office is very high. That also is refreshing to see, in my opinion.

The prices I’ve paid out of pocket for what I’m having done are the lowest I’ve paid in years. If what I’ve seen the last two visits continues, I’ll be a happy customer for as long as they’ll have me, and think nothing of the drive from Canton –a small price to pay for such professionalism and, seemingly, personalized service from a great team of people.