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Experienced, Local Family Dentists

Expressing Genuine Care for Our Patients

River City Family Dentistry strives to set itself apart from other dentist offices. We understand each patient has unique dental experiences that reflect their thoughts and attitudes toward the dental profession. Our goal is to educate our patients, cutting through the fear and misconceptions about dental visits and empowering our patients to make confident dental decisions. We believe the true value of dentistry comes not from what we can repair but from what oral issues our services can prevent.

Using the latest dental techniques and technology, we can provide better diagnoses and treatment, leading to a speedy recovery. River City Family Dentistry is committed to the oral health and hygiene of our patients, providing the tools, knowledge and dental service they need to achieve a healthy mouth and smile!

Mission & Vision

We've built our practice on the idea that genuine care for
our patients is the right way to run a dental practice.

We care about you.

We love our patients and our patients love us! River City Family Dentistry takes the time to get to know you and strives to make you feel important. When you walk through our door, we want you to feel part of our family and always leave with a smile.

We care about your health.

Dentistry isn’t only about repairing teeth but preventing problems in the first place. Our dental technology allows us to better diagnose, better treat (with less pain) and accelerate your recovery. Our genuine commitment to excellence in both our dentistry and hygiene helps our patients achieve better oral health.

We care about your time.

Time is a valuable commodity! As such, River City Family Dentistry wants to be respectful of your time as a patient and individual. We work around your schedule, offering great hours and flexible appointment times.

We care about your needs.

You work hard to earn a living and we want to make sure you get the best value for your dental care. River City Family Dentistry’s pricing is competitive and fair. We present dental plans in smart phases that make it possible for you to afford the care you need. We file insurance for you and offer Care Credit financing. Because we care about your needs, we offer a comprehensive list of services including preventive, general dentistry, orthodontics, restorative, most endodontic (root canal,) periodontal (gums) and surgery (extractions).

We Recognize Not All Dentists Are The Same & We Want You To Be Happy & Confident in Your Dental Decisions

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