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Crowns and Bridges East Peoria IL

Crowns and Bridges East Peoria IL

Crowns and Bridges East Peoria IL

Get The Best Crowns And Bridges In East Peoria IL

If you’ve lost one or more teeth, you may feel anxious to restore your smile, but you may be concerned about the large number of options now available that can make it difficult to choose the best type of restoration. Many patients choose the options of crowns and bridges. River City Family Dentistry handles crowns and bridges in East Peoria IL.

What Are Crowns And Bridges?

As the name implies, a crown covers the top of a natural tooth. A dentist may place a crown atop a tooth after damage or a root canal. Crowns stabilize a compromised tooth. When one or more teeth in a row are missing, it’s possible to fill the gap with a “bridge” that takes the place of the missing teeth. A crowned tooth at either end supports the bridge.

These bridges can replace just one replacement tooth or as many as four teeth in rare cases.

Do Missing Teeth Matter?

Missing adult teeth can cause a number of issues if left untreated and should not be considered solely an aesthetic issue. Some of the problems a missing tooth contributes to include:

  • Difficulties eating
  • Bone loss
  • Migration of other teeth into the empty space
  • Misalignment of your bite
  • Speech difficulties
  • Self-esteem issues
An illustration of a dental bridge is seen. River City Family Dentistry provides Crowns and Bridges in East Peoria IL.

Crowns And Bridges: The Best Choice After Tooth Loss?

When teeth are lost, several possible solutions exist, including crowns and bridges, implants, partials and full dentures. All have pros and cons, depending on your individual situation. We will perform a full exam and will discuss your needs and budget in order to help you choose the option that works best for you.

Do You Think Crowns And Bridges May Be The Right Choice For You?

When it comes to crowns and bridges in East Peoria IL, trust River City Family Dentistry. We care about you and your smile. Call us today at (309) 455-5391.