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Family Dentist Morton IL

Family Dentist Morton IL

A dentist is seen in her office. River City Family Dentistry is a family dentist.

Visit The Family Dentist Morton IL Trusts

If you’re searching for a compassionate dentist with a woman’s touch to take care of you and your whole family, look at River City Family Dentistry – the family dentist Morton IL trusts.

Why Choose A Family Dentist?

When it comes to any kind of dental or medical care, we believe that relationships matter. If you’re raising a family, you’ll like having one dentist who gets to know your whole family. Of course, you’ll appreciate the personalized care for yourself even if you’re not a parent.

What Makes River City Family Dentistry So Special?

It’s our caring staff, our patients say. Get to know Morgan Renner, DMD, MS, and the entire staff:

“I’m committed to getting to know each of my patients and treating each with respect to their individual needs. I hope to provide an atmosphere of openness, with attention to your comfort, all while delivering great service.” – Dr. Morgan Renner

What Dental Services Are Offered?

Our caring staff can handle all your dental care, including all the dental services you’d expect from any full-service dentist. Some examples include:

What Ages Does River City Family Dentistry Serve?

As a family dentistry service, River City Family Dentistry takes care of all ages, including children. For complicated cases, we will refer to specialists. For example, at times we will refer a child with special dental needs to a pediatric dentist.

How Does River City Family Dentistry Feel About New Technology?

We have invested in state-of-the-art equipment to serve our patients better. Some examples include:

A dentist is seen in her office. River City Family Dentistry is a family dentist in Morton IL.
  • We use electric handpieces, which are quieter and thus less apt to cause anxiety than the old kind.
  • We choose to use digital X-rays because they are more accurate and easier to read.
  • We have intra-oral cameras available so we can view areas we would not be able to see otherwise. These cameras also allow us to show our patients images of their dental problem, which helps us with patient education.
  • Our soft tissue lasers are an important part of our equipment because they provide the most comfortable method possible for removing unhealthy soft tissues.

Let’s Get Started Caring For Your Smiles!

Call the family dentist Morton IL trusts most of all: River City Family Dentistry. We provide dental services with a woman’s touch for your whole family. Call us today at 309-692-5863.