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Partials and Dentures East Peoria IL

Partials and Dentures East Peoria IL

A woman is seen receiving information about her treatment during a dental visit. River City Family Dentistry provides partials and dentures in East Peoria IL.

Are You Considering Partials and Dentures In East Peoria IL?

Everyone wants a confident smile. So if you’ve lost one or more teeth, we know you’d prefer to do something about it. In some cases, the best option may be dentures or partial dentures. River City Family Dentistry handles partials and dentures in East Peoria IL.

What Can A Partial Denture Accomplish?

If you’re missing one or just a few teeth, a partial can replace the tooth or teeth. The partial will fit in amongst your existing teeth. For a perfect fit, we take impressions and custom-make your partial.

How Important Is It To Replace A Missing Tooth?

While many believe a missing tooth is just an aesthetic issue, it’s much more than that. If a permanent adult tooth is lost, it can cause issues:

  • A missing tooth may make eating more difficult.
  • An empty space in your mouth may allow existing teeth to migrate there.
  • Over time, misalignment may affect your bite.
  • A missing tooth may affect your speech.
  • Of course, one or more missing teeth do cause aesthetic issues as well.

Are Partials And Dentures The Best Option To Replace A Tooth?

When one or more teeth are lost, several possible solutions exist. They include implants, bridges, partials and full dentures. All of these options have their pros and cons. Much depends on your individual situation and preferences. We will help you choose the option that is best for you after a full exam and a talk with you about your needs.

How Do Partials And Dentures Work?

When you’ve made the decision to go with this option, we make a dental impression so the resulting partial or dentures will precisely fit your mouth. It’s important that your new partial or dentures fit well so you can smile, speak and chew normally.

In addition, partials and dentures will also help keep your facial muscles from sagging.

A partial denture is seen. River City Family Dentistry offers partials and dentures in East Peoria IL.

Are You Ready For A Partial Or Dentures?

If you want to get partials and dentures in East Peoria IL, trust River City Family Dentistry. We care about you and your smile. Call us today at 309-692-5863.